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My name is Chris Mims and I am a certified personal trainer in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 

​What are your fitness goals?  Lose 10lbs, do 50 pushups, run a 5k...all the above? Whether it's one on one personal training or bootcamps, MimsFit will develop a fitness and nutrition program that works for your lifestyle, budget, and most importantly...YOUR GOALS! All you have to do is set them and follow the plan. Don't worry if you get off course, I'll get you back on it! 

​Everyone says they want to get into shape, challenge their health/fitness to a new level, or just change up their workout, but do nothing about it.  It's just a wish.  If you are tired of wishing for better health, we should talk or more importantly, let's get to work.  

ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY BE HEALTHY?  join the campers kicking ass at MimsFit, Or if you prefer a one-on-one, we will work out a time that fits your schedule.